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time and attendance softwareThe Webtime internet portal was developed in total integration with the InnuxTime software to give support to the attendance management. This portal is installed in the company's internet applications server and is therefore automatically available for access to all the employees who have access to the company's Intranet or optionally to the Internet. This type of single server installation avoids problems and the waste of time and resources that are common in desktop applications, where the application has that to be installed in the computer of each and every employee who works with it.

Although the home page of the application is the same, WebTime is divided into two parts, the managers portal and employees portal. The user may, when logging in, enter as a employee or a supervisor, depending on his permissions. Authentication can be done by using preexisting Active Directory or LDAP servers, simplifying access management for the IT department, especially in organizations with a very high number of employees.
Employees portal
Due to its ease of access, the WebTime portal is an excellent tool to bring employees into the system, interesting them in what's going on and facilitating their attendance management by avoiding trips to the employer's human resources department. For the human resources department WebTime quickly becomes an indispensable aid, because the employees are the ones to enter information into the system, while this department simply oversees all operations.

The portal's interface was created to be pleasant, easy to use and intuitive. Throughout the portal information is displayed in a very visual and simple to read way by using pictures, captions and schedules and avoiding the use of tables were possible. Thus employees quickly perform the tasks they need to do and quickly return to work.

The tasks that can accomplished through this portal include vacation planning and requesting permission for absences and outside work. All these requests are automatically sent to the supervisors for approval and only then they're accepted by InnuxTime for processing. After making these requests employees can, at any time, view their state (if they are pending approval, if they were approved or if the requests were refused).

Employees can also see all the information related to their attendance, including their clocking, their current flexitime balance, the timetables and schedules to abide by and what vacation days are set and approved by managers.
Managers portal
WebTime sends each supervisor an email with a scheduled frequency, containing a list of his pending tasks. By entering this portal the managers are immediately shown a list of those pending tasks. This list may include tasks such as authorizing vacation days, planned absences and outside work previously requested by employees. The supervisor can easily allow or deny these events and if he does approves them, the tasks may be sent to the supervisor hierarchically above him.

Each supervisor can, if he has for example to be absent from work due to vacation, delegate his permissions to another supervisor, that is left temporarily responsible for the former's employees.
Managers can, of course, also see all the attendance records of their subordinates such as clockings, results, accumulated work times, absences, balances among other information.

Optionally supervisors can perform more active tasks within the system, such as setting vacations, defining schedules, correcting irregularities and omissions and make other small daily tasks just like the human resources department does in InnuxTime.

Each supervisor has access only to data from employees to which they have been given access, thus maintaining the confidentiality of data as may be desired.