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software gestão de escalasWebCalendar was developed to meet the difficulties that some organizations face in creating and managing schedules and work schedules. This software lets you create, automatically and customizable, the time schedules of employees of an organization, given the same minimum requirements as well as the availability of each employee assigned to each of these services.

Given the complexity of the hourly scale definition in such organizations, it is common that employees will not work the same number of hours per month, and this software allows you to make the monthly balance of hours worked per employee (can be positive or negative) as well as perform automatic compensation on the scale of the next month or period. The process of creating schedules may, in larger organizations, go through several stages:
  • The first is the automatic generation of schedules by WebCalendar and verification of same by management. Information such as holidays, vacations of employees, sick leave and other planned absences are managed within the same WebCalendar and considered in creating the schedules. Automatic generation of schedules WebCalendar lets also take into account the various special rules and characteristics of hospitals.
  • The schedules are then published in provisional form manually or automatically at predefined dates, which means that are available online for inspection by employees, while an email is sent to each one containing its scale.
  • Following publication of the provisional schedules there is a period in which employees are allowed to make requests to exchange zone. These exchanges, after validated by supervisors, are automatically available in the published scale.
  • In certain date, or by manual order of superiors, the schedules are blocked and the changes are immediately available for software InnuxTime, which makes the analysis of attendance by the time clocks.

All these processes are conducted online, simple and intuitive formal and through any browser, either at the premises of the employer or employee at home.


Direct interaction with InnuxTime
Management of users, entities and profiles
Service Management
Management of departments and employees
Management schedules
Language - C# Microsoft .NET Framework
Database - Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008
Remote Assistance
Automatic or manual generation of schedules
Accounting for hours worked and planned for each month worked
Accounting for hours worked balances from month to month
Allows to see if the minimum needs of a service are met
Management exchanges between officials of schedules
Possibility of selecting an employee from another service, for service with a shortage of staff
Possibility of removing an employee who is in service with an excess of employees