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The Advance version of InnuxTime was created to meet the particular needs of medium and large organizations, both public and private.

A major advantage of the Advance version is linked to its ability to process schedules where compensation or flexitime systems are used. Besides allowing you to easily manage the compensation hours worked, this version also allows the allocation of credit in monthly or weekly hours and the subsequent accounting of the period's balance, where both the compensation and the credits are taken into account. Balances, whether positive or negative, can be carried over from one period to the next, thus keeping a current account of hours per employee.

Another major benefit of this version is its ability to manage the vacation and absence requests and authorizations, using a hierarchical workflow system, where requests made by employees on WebTime are approved or rejected by InnuxTime users according to their hierarchical levels. Through an optional module, the Advance version also allows automated processing of the clockings obtained from the time recorders. This module facilitates the work of the human resources department, eliminating repetitive tasks and providing updated results automatically and at all times.

For the IT department, the Advance version allows its users to authenticate themselves in the application using Active Directory or LDAP servers, which helps standardize authentication processes and to keep login and password information centralized.

Please check InnuxTime's detailed feature table to see a more complete list of the Advance version's capabilities.


1. Headquarters - The administration initially defines the entity's internal attendance rules, establishing the work schedules to be fulfilled by the employees.
During the normal operation of the system, the administration has access to the information needed to make decisions, such as rewarding or penalizing employees according to their performances.

2. Department of Human Resources - Has at its disposal all the information on the employees attendance, allowing it to streamline payroll processing.
Clockings are collected and processed automatically, taking into account the defined schedules, the vacation and absence periods entered into the system by the employees themselves, and all the rules established by the employer. All that remains for this department is to export the results to the payroll software.
InnuxTime also allows the control of short-term contract employees, through the generation of contract term alerts, facilitating its timely renewal or cancellation.

3. IT Department - This department is responsible for the maintenance of InnuxTime's structure, which includes the SQL Server database, the web server (if the WebTime portal is installed) and the communication network for the time clocks. This task is greatly simplified by the Active Directory authentication, which allows the use of existing user names and passwords.

4. Remote Business Unit - Employees clock in and out as usual. At headquarters, the software automatically collects the clockings through existing internet connections, or using other forms of communication such as GSM or telephone lines.

5. Home - Employees can easily access all information related to their attendance from home or from anywhere with an Internet connection. They can also submit their vacation requests for their supervisors' approval and justify absences from work. Supervisors receive email alerts with their pending attendance management tasks, such as approval of vacation and absence requests, etc.

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