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patrol control softwareThe presence of a guard does not hinder a vandalism act that, for its proper nature, happens without warning. However, his presence will considerably diminish the effect of that act due to his intervention and for the effect that his presence can have in the potential vandal.

From the economic point of view, between technological and human wherewithal, the option may relapse for the security equipment use, adjusting the number of guards to the situations where their presence cannot be substituted (in case of fire, antisocial behaviors or control and monitorization of the security equipment). InnuxPatrol is a guard tour control software that allows you to visualize what is happening during a patrol. For this, the guard just have to carry a terminal NuxMobile, NuxMobile GSM ou NuxTour. This system allows you to identify the guard and control schedules and the patrols made through the marking on the control points. All this in real time! It still allows the marking of incidences (vandalism, burglary, assault, etc), minimizing the time of reply by using instant alerts in the case of one of this occurrences.

Its friendly interface generates detailed and custom-made reports of all the activities of the guards. The patrols can be overlapped to the plants of the places where they had been made, giving a clearer and realistic perspective of what it happened.

Compatible hardware