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gym healthclub softwareInnuxSports is an integrated Gyms and HealthClubs management system that allows you to process the information associated with your establishment in particular the management of its members, greeting cards, quotas, schedules, products/services, agenda, appointments and reservations and the store or bar. It was designed for a variety of industries such as gymnasiums, healthclubs, recreational and community centres, swimming pools and aesthetic centres.

Whether you have a gymnasium with a small but growing number of members, or a healthclub with thousands of members and associated services such as activities, lessons, aesthetic activities, space reservations, a bar and much more - InnuxSports is the complete solution for you! Our simple but nonetheless highly effective tools, will help you standardize the operations of your gym or healthclub, allowing you to concentrate your efforts on more productive tasks such as recruiting new members and increasing profits.

Entries and exits of employees can be integrated with the software InnuxTime, carrying out this way and at the same time the time and attendance management of the gym using one of the market's leading solutions in this area.

Optionally you can configure InnuxSports' access monitor to view and control in real time all the access to all the spaces in the gym. This console, in addition to showing the photograph of members going in and out, displays all the irregularities that may occur in the turnstile control such as entry attempts by members with unpaid quotas or people with invalid tickets. This way you can analyze and rectify any of these situations as they occur.



1. Entry - The entry and exit of members to and from the facility is controlled through the reading of member cards or electronic validation of tickets at the turnstiles, barriers and other automatism. In more extreme situations the gym can even work without employees, for example during night time, where the entire access control is carried out electronically. In this case after, the members enter the facility, the system automatically turns on the lights of the areas to which they have access.

2. Reception - Members subscribe themselves and their photos are immediately captured by the software and their membership card issued using a card printer. Quotas are payed and their respective stickers are printed. Tickets are sold for the use of specific equipment, such as swimming pools and saunas. Members and other customers call to book specific spaces inside the gym. The receptionist checks InnuxSports internal calendar for the spaces' availability and confirms the reservations.

3. Administration - Rates, schedules and access areas are defined. Specific events are created and their date, time, duration and capacity are set. The module enables you to make purchases, stocks and current accounts for vendors.

Shop/Bar - InnuxSports' POS allows the management of a small bar or store through a screen touch screen enabled software. With an extremely pleasant graphical environment for the shopkeeper selects the articles to be sold by pressing the products' photographs and the software does the rest.

Facility - Access control to all areas of the facility or building is done automatically by reading tickets and membership cards electronically. In this way it is ensured that each person accesses areas that are supposed to enter and within the timetable set by the organization.

6. Spaces - The management of the occupation of activity spaces is done by coordinating schedules, teachers and classrooms. At any given time you can know how many people and that people are in each space.


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