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software de controlo de produçãoInnuxProduction is a software that analyzes, in real time, the production process of your company. The system combines an application of monitoring a small number of terminals distributed in the company. These may be outside bar code readers for faster data entry. Due to its robustness and durability, it can be installed even in the most aggressive environments. The link between software and terminals is made through a structured network common and inexpensive, using, whenever possible, the existing infrastructures.

It also offers resources for recording productive and non-productive times and quantities produced, substantially reducing production costs. The link to the time management software InnuxTime enables control of times through NuxPro, NuxBio II and portable terminals.
100% reliability in production data
Availability of information in real time
Greater speed in reacting to the problems identified
Productivity Indicators, through reports and graphs
Monitoring of attendance at the terminals of production
Satisfaction of a better quality production
Provides flexible terms
Reduce production costs
Improves information support for decision making
User and profile management
Departments and employees management
Management of Families, articles and jobs
Machine management, tasks, and production orders
Draws production plants
Query production times
Referral to production lines
Terminal text editing
Reports in Crystal Report
Database - Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008
Language - C# Microsoft .NET Framework
Multi-company, multi-post and multi-user
Remote Assistance
Integration with Xerox printers and Innux XWeb
Real-time information
Print reports

Compatible hardware