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Innux develop solutions that combine the quality and confidence with the accuracy and versatility required by its clients. The enterprise solution combines the control of attendance, access control, control and monitoring of rounds of production ensuring value for their business models.

Healthcare positions in a competitive global marketplace, sophisticated technology and constant change. It is an area that faces increasingly challenging times in terms of the increased costs and management of its Human Resources. Create and manage automatical schedules and work schedules, verify the minimum needs met monthly service, account and manage balances of hours worked per employee, among others.


Public Administration
The emergence of an Information Society creates new challenges for the government, whose role is crucial in the production of wealth, welfare and quality of life. Innux reinvents itself in order to compete and win in the New Economy. Addresses critical issues such as the dematerialisation of processes and services, renovation of back office systems, applications that integrates with the ones of human resources, access monitoring, detailed reports of patients status and / or employees, security identification or marking of incidents, control schedules and patrols conducted.


Construction and Real Estate
Operating procedures, manuals, invoices, reports, minutes, technical drawings, control of entrances and exits of employees and / or accessing their data are a small part of the daily management of documents in a construction company. Innux provides solutions for document management and workflow accessible to everyone. The management of documents and complete computerization of the work, associated with the control of attendance and access allows the final customer to track all the files of the work of the company and its employees with ease and safety.





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Software Development

We develop specific applications that meet your company's requirements, facilitating the automation of your business processes with the quality assurance and security of our systems.


Consulting allows the diagnose of situations, finding solutions that meet the investment and cultural values of each organization.


Training can be a decisive instrument in the search of solutions for increased productivity and gains.