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customer loyalty softwareIf winning new customers costs between 5-7 times more than keeping existing ones, the effort in customer retention is above all an investment that will ensure increased sales and reduced costs. InnuxGift appears thus as a customer loyalty system, which aims to reward preference and dedication to their clients give to their retail outlet rather than competition.

Using a PVC card personalized to your establishment and to your customers, you can create a connection between your business and the consumer, identifying and analyzing the frequency with which it buys.

The use of a barcode scanner allows an easier and quicker association of the card/customer to the purchase price, making the conversion to the corresponding points in the purchase of each item. The allocation and deduction of points follows a reverse process, where the client points are exchanged for products.

Loyal customers are much more likely to buy through different distribution channels and tend to consume more. The more faithful customers are, greater the life span of the company's customer portfolio will be, the cost of customer recovery will lower and greater financial value will be added to the brand.

The customer loyalty solution proposed by Innux provides a complete set of analysis and marketing capabilities that promote understanding of the overall value of each customer and award promotions and service levels that maximize potential relations with all customers.

As loyalty programs become crucial in many businesses and industries, choosing an effective technology platform is increasingly important.

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