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software para gestão de bilhéticaInnuxTicket is all that is necessary for ticket emission and admission control for every organization. Its advantages rely in a wide variety of ticketing configurations, an easy-to-use POS and the direct integration with equipment such as turnstiles, barriers and ticket or card printers. This software can also help you with all the ticketing management processes in your organization, improving the results through the sale of merchandising and by analyzing statistical ticket sales or the real attendance of each event.

Its applications are related to the issuance of entry tickets and access cards for employees in Events, Cultural and Recreation spaces, Stadiums, etc. The physical access to the facilities can be controlled through the NuxPro terminal in its online version or the NuxIO board. Any of these devices can be used to control a turnstile and also allow the connection of a bar code reader to validate tickets and access cards.
bilhética para estádios de futebol
1. Headquarters - defines rates, schedules and access zones. Specific events are created defining their date, time, duration and capacity. When new members are registered, their photograph is captured immediately by our software and their card emitted in a card printer. Membership fees are paid and the respective vignettes are printed.

2. Store - Souvenirs, merchandising and consumer goods are sold directly to the public, through the InnuxTicket POS module.

bilhética para museus e cinemas3. Car Park - A barrier controls the movement of vehicles belonging to members and authorized staff, guaranteeing access only in predefined schedules or during events.

4. Perimeter - Personnel access control to the perimeter or building is performed automatically using turnstiles and by validating tickets or members’ cards.

5. Ticket Booths - The general public and club members acquire admission tickets. InnuxTicket verifies membership fees payment states and allows their payment to be made immediatly.

6. Cabins - InnuxTicket manages the sale of cabins and seats during periods of time, issuing cards that guarantee the access to the same ones during the acquired schedules.

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