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access control softwareInnuxAccess is a smart access control management tool that combines a reduced maintenance cost with ease of administration. This security system works in a network and includes a range of technical solutions that allow the free movement of authorized personnel while blocking the entry of unauthorized visitors.

Through the use of access control terminals with authentication technologies as diverse as fingerprint recognition, RFID, hand palm or face biometrics, organizations can also obtain detailed information about the movement of clients, employees and visitors throughout their facilities.
1. Access profiles are created that define at what times users have access to each zone. For example, you can define that certain employees only have access to a company's entry door from 8am to 7pm, while the office area can only be accessed from 9am to 5pm. Similarly you can define areas where access is limited to certain groups of users as exemplified in the image.

2. Highly restricted access areas are controlled through extremely safe and reliable biometric recognition systems. In case a forced opening is attempted the alarm is automatically activated. All permitted entries and failed access attempts are duly recorded in the database for future audit.

3. The vehicle access to the parking lot is controlled by the system through gate barriers. Visitors can be assigned temporary passes so that all movements are properly monitored.

4. You can control the use of lifts so that each user can only access floors that he was given access to.

5. Personnel access control to the facility or building is done automatically using turnstiles, RFID cards or biometric recognition identification.

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