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documents management softwareThe management system for documentary content is an essential process for an organization good performance and the reflex of its internal frame. The great volumes of information, external and internal, eases the loss of documents, increase the difficulty in accessing quickly to any information and its physical location, anf that makes it difficult to control the workflow.

InnuxDoc allows you to easily manage and process all the referring information to the human resources of an organization, providing an important work tool. When employees are duly registered, all management becomes simple and flexible, allowing the automatization of processes.

Specially design for the Construction sector, InnuxDoc is a system that guarantees the immediate access to the archive of the workmanship through a database that allows you to keep all documents of the company, its workmanships and its employees.

It also comes with an alert system, that it is set in motion whenever one of documents is reaching the limit of validity. This application can be connected to the time management software InnuxTime, identifying who is in the workmanship and disabling the access of the employees who does not have the regularized documentation.
User and profile Management
Workmanships Document Management
CompaniesDocument Management
Employees Document Management
PDF documents upload
Opening pdf documents using the software
Consultation of exhaled documents
Consultation of missing Document
Automatic email service alert for exhaled documents
Listing of presences of employees in workmanship
Map of employees for workmanship
Map of companies for workmanship
Language of software - C# Microsoft .NET Framework
Database - Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008